Package pricing for your career journey

There are LOTS of ways we can help you get going on the road to a new career.

One to one coaching is one way to partner with DBC. On the link attached you’ll find information how we work through a fully customized process over 2, 3 or 4 months. Packaging up hours and paying advance allows you to get a great discount on our standard hourly rate of $150. Use our contact form to learn more!

Assessment:   In addition, we have a number of other tools available, including the “Energy Leadership Index” Assessment, which allows you to understand what energy you’re bringing to achieving your goals. Just by clarifying this component of where you are, you can start to shift how you show up in your efforts to do something new. Pricing for the assessment, a 45-minute debrief, and a 30 minute follow up is $395.

Send in your contact information so we can get you started today!


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